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The first primary concern and focus of any government is the security of the citizen.

When people get short shrifted because their money (yes, their money) is sent abroad to others who did nothing to earn that money, then yes, there is great room for justified anger. If people want to be ‘noble’ with their cash, they’re free to send it where they wish, but not the money of others.

Here’s a good reason against the welfare state mentality if there ever was one. Without the welfare state (which means big government/centralization of concentrated power) none of this could be happening. The sending of billions abroad as well as the inundation of multitudes of unassimilable people from 3rd world backwaters is the hallmark of statism.

It’s the removing of representational government from the hands of the citizenry, elections are held, but the circle of individual liberty (which property rights form of crucial functional basis) shrinks with each day’s passing.

Misery for the residents of towns swamped by worst floods in decades – but Britain still sends £1BILLION in aid to the world’s most corrupt nations

Britain still sends £1BILLION in aid despite towns being swamped by floods

York drowns in the tide of filthy floodwater that has devastated swathes of the North. The scenes of misery across Yorkshire and Lancashire triggered outrage last night over Britain sqaundering cash on foreign aid. Residents asked why they had been told there was no money for local flood defences when £12billion a year is spent on overseas aid – including, it emerged yesterday, £1billion to the 20 most corrupt nations. More here.

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