As inept in foreign policy as they are domestically.

Serial Islamic Supremacist Enabler Lindsey Graham’s Laughable Attack on Ted Cruz

Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) listens to an audience question during a town hall meeting campaign event at American Legion Post 48 on November 20, 2015 in Hudson, NH. (Photo by Luke William Pasley / Pacific Press)

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

During a recent interview, Sen. Lindsey Graham, a serial supporter of policies that have empowered Islamic supremacists, had the gall to say that Sen. Ted Cruz, “has done more to allow ISIL to gain a foothold in Syria than any senator other than Rand Paul.”

Let us leave aside the gratuitous attack on Sen. Paul.

Sen. Graham in no fewer than three situations has supported policies that have aided, abetted and/or enabled jihadists, including ISIS:

  • Libya: Back in 2011, Graham was among the Republicans arguing ardently for the overthrow of perhaps the one thing keeping the lid on the bubbling cesspool of jihadism beneath the surface, Muammar Qaddafi. In voicing his belief that Qaddafi had to go, Graham also expressed that he had “no concern about al Qaeda running Libya.” The so-called “rebels” America armedin overthrowing Qaddafi consisted in large part of al Qaeda-linked jihadists, as we would find out in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Today, ISIS is constructing a “retreat zone” in Libya merely a few hundreds miles from mainland Europe, while varying jihadist forces vie for control of the remnants of the country. The massive arms stockpiles unleashed after the fall of Qaddafi would be transported to jihadist-dominated Syrian opposition forces, which we will come to in a minute.
  • Egypt: In 2012, Graham warmed to the newly elected Muslim Brotherhood majority led by Mohamed Morsi – the same Muslim Brotherhood that is the head of the jihadist hydra. Of the successors to the Mubarak regime, Grahamnoted “after visiting and talking with the Muslim Brotherhood I am hopeful that…we can have a relationship with Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood is a strong political voice.” Following the deposal of Morsi by Egypt’s military, in a column in which Sens. Graham and McCain called for cutting off all aid to the country, the colleagues advocated that Egypt “ensure that the Muslim Brotherhood is included and able to participate in this political process” in a go-forward “democratic” Egypt. Unfortunately for Graham, but fortunately for our Israeli allies, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has since suppressed jihadist forces, notably literally flushing away terror tunnels between the Sinai and the Gaza Strip. Sisi’s hold on power in the face of Islamic supremacists however remains tenuous.
  • Syria: Dating back to early 2012, Graham supported arming the Syrian opposition to President Bashar al-Assad. After Assad crossed President Barack Obama’s “red line” in 2013, Graham again expressed his support for arming Assad’s opponents, arguing: “A decision to provide lethal assistance, especially ammunition and heavy weapons, to opposition forces in Syria is long overdue, and we hope the president will take this urgently needed step.” Yet as early as the fall of 2011, just eight months into the Syrian rebellion, senior policymakers reportedly sent a memo to then-National Security Advisor Tom Donilon “that this thing [the opposition] was becoming jihadized.” By late 2013, it was clear that jihadists were dominating on the ground. Nevertheless, in 2014 Sen. Graham got his wish. America’s since-abandoned $500 million effort to arm and train a handful of “rebels”reportedly resulted in arms ending up in the hands of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front. The so-called moderate Free Syrian Army opposition hascollaborated with both ISIS and the aforementioned Nusra Front. Some in its ranks have defected to ISIS. Assad himself has noted that ISIS’ forces have only grown since America has intervened with its minimal, rules of engagement-constrained air strikes.

More here. H/T:  : “FLASHBACK: Graham has zero foreign policy credibility, loves him some MB”

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