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Thanks to Hillary Clinton’s push to remove Gaddafi, they now have something even more evil to comes to grips with.

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The “democracy project” has been an abject failure, you can’t build a respective democratic society without a functioning civil society willing to birth it into existence. We have never learned from history. The first “democracy project” after WWI initiated by the League of Nations was in the form of ‘mandates’, which sought to guide the former provinces of the defunct Ottoman Empire onto the path of eventual democratic rule.

The only people ready and willing were the Jews in what was then known as the Yeshuv, in Palestine, who were already aspiring to do exactly that. They built their state government from what was an already and existing civil society. That civil society eventually brought into existence the Israeli government, not the other way around. It still stands tall among all the other Arab nation states that aren’t anywhere near becoming normal democracies……because they can’t, they lack the proper civil society to do it.

‘Islamic State’ holds Libyan town in grip of terror

Since conquering the Libyan town of Sirte, “Islamic State” has imposed a severe regime on the remaining locals as foreign fighters and their families have moved into abandoned homes. Nancy Porsia reports from Libya.

Libyen Beerdigung

A dim light bulb breaks the darkness of the night as the man, eyes downcast and frantically scratching his head, sits down on a makeshift stool of bricks outside his new house. Here in Misrata he and his family found shelter after his son was killed by “Islamic State” fighters in his hometown of Sirte. “He was only 22 years old,” the man says, declining to disclose further information about his son or his family, fearing retaliation against relatives left in the city. “We were prevented by the fighters from holding a funeral in Sirte, so here we are …”

Dozens of people have come to pay their condolences, and a glimpse of the long line of men wrapped in traditional white cloaks looms even here in the shadowy corner where the grieving father has come to take a break from the two days of hosting mourners. He is tired, so his oldest son steps in to save him the trouble of relating the family’s travails.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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