DAWA Islam in Sweden


You mean he’s going to leave out that Islam preaches Jesus was a muslim, wasn’t divine, and will one day come back (in end of days theology) to destroy Christianity?

This is crass islamo-dawa bull-crap meant to portray islam as a fellow religion and that Jesus unites the two faiths and win some PC points from the ignoramuses in the process. Pure bull crap, pure PC nonsense and totally Neo-Swedish. Next will be the imposition of “Chrislam”.

Muslim Santa spreads Swedish Christmas joy

Muslim Santa spreads Swedish Christmas joy

Muntadher Dakhil as Santa Claus. Photo: Private

A Muslim student in Sweden is dressing up as Santa Claus to spread festive joy among Swedish families on Christmas – and to extend a hand of friendship between religions.

Muntadher Dakhil, 21, came to Sweden from Iraq seven years ago, and is currently working and studying in Kristianstad in southern Sweden.

He does not celebrate Christmas – but this does not mean he cannot help others observe the festivities.

So this Christmas Eve, Dakhil is offering his services as Santa to families for free.

“As a Muslim I don’t celebrate Christmas myself but from my upbringing I am used to Christians and Muslims marking each other’s holidays anyway,” reads his online advert.

The Local spoke to Dakhil on Friday after news of his kindhearted effort went viral in Sweden, which has seen increasing cultural, religious and racial tension in the past year.

“I want to show my gratitude to Sweden and show that Muslims are kind,” he said. “We are all equal.”

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NOTE: “We are all equal”. The only place where people are equal at birth, is in the West and in Israel, elsewhere, especially in the Islamic world, if you’re not a straight male muslim of means, you’re life-style is drastically different.

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