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The New Vikings…….raping and pillaging the womenfolk of the former Nordic raiders.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

The headmaster explained groping away: “Boys will be boys” – when Ali raped  his classmate on the playground

Published November 6, 2015 at 18:59

EXAMINATION. The school management refused to intervene when an African student molested girls in middle school with sexual advances. In the end the student raped a Swedish girl in a schoolyard bush, but despite the protests of the parents, the school management has decided that he will remain at the school.

– We get spit in the face because we are Swedes, says a parent to the Free Times.

It was a Saturday in October as the two girls visited a middle school in Alvesta. During the evening, they were accosted by two African students attending the same school.

The father of one of the most vulnerable girls had already last spring found out that one of the Africans involved  had attacked his daughter with sexual advances and groping. Since then, the father brought a desperate struggle to get the school administration to do something about the situation at the school with a very high number of immigrant students.

– We had a meeting with the teacher and the assistant principal. The boys were not there, nor their parents, they can not speak Swedish. I told the headmaster that I wanted the police report it here but then she said that I need not to, that they would take care of it, he said today at Free Times.

– She said that “children are children and boys are boys, they are driven by their curiosity, and there is a lot happening in the body,” he continues.

School officials, however, chose not to do anything to increase security for the girls. Instead talking about the harassment, the deputy headmaster however gave a long explanation in which she stressed “human equality” and suggested, that the claims of the father, that he and the other parents’ concerns were due to prejudice and racial stereotypes.

– You shouldn’t divide them into us and them, there’s no such thing. We must keep this on an individual level, said the deputy head teacher during a meeting and then chose to let the two Africans go on as usual at the school.

More here.

NOTE: From a Swede who just emailed me the following observation:

Sweden is crumbling. Fast. Only the MSM and state politicians don’t realise it. SD are all set to gain a massive victory in the next elections – and yet everyone will be scratching their heads and wondering why. Meantime, they are all spending immense resources working out how to ban SD – rather than deal with the issues that SD addresses.

Absurd beyond belief. Now education, geriatric care, job creation, housing for Swedes waiting in the housing queue for 10 years – all this is suffering immense cutbacks, all so every last krona can go straight to Muslims who pass through several EU countries but thumb their noses at them in order to get to Nirvana – Sweden – where they just “know” they can get everything. Which they can.

Care for the disabled is the latest to feel the financial crunch – Swedes requiring intensive home assistance are now going to see their assistance slashed to fund Muslims who arrived just yesterday morning.
Sick beyond belief.

The big debate now in Sweden is the way the government has completely slashed its overseas aid budget for aiding deserving people overseas, instead using the money to fund those people rich enough, young enough and strong enough to make it to Sweden.

It is a distortion of the most fundamental concept of what aid is all about – turning it on its head by deliberately ignoring the plight of people in genuine distress and instead rewarding people who travel through multiple EU countries (and who have the financial resources to do so) just so they can get to the one country that will give them everything for free – having taken away funding from its own citizens to finance this travesty.

Sweden, the socialist petri dish for every cockeyed idea.

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  1. We have a saying in England that applies to those PC racist anti white Swedish authorities, it goes like this, “Give them enough rope, and they’ll hang themselves”. The SD party should do well.

    1. Sweds and Germans are welcome here in Michigan .

  2. You fucking retards! Are you really this bluntsntly STUPID?

    1. It is not so much stupidity as it is utter, craven cowardice.

  3. September 2018 is a long way off. What are the odds the election will never happen? I was in Sweden earlier this year and the only evidence of this problem seen by a tourist was street beggars in Stockholm. The growing problems were hidden. But as more funds and infrastructure are diverted to the bottomless pit of greedy invaders the maintenance of civil society will inevitably break down. The humanitarian superpower will be a mendicant state shunned by its neighbours. Perhaps the UN and EU as joint architects of this tragedy will lend assistance. Perhaps better not.

  4. Y’all act like this just started yesterday. The Swedes have been supporting and voting for their current situation for well over a decade. They are too far down the rabbit-hole to do anything to change it, and they are far too cowardly to dare do anything about it anyway.

    Lets just hope this nation of eunechs stays in Europe somewhere after they drive themselves from their own ancestral home. We dont need these spineless self-loathing effetes coming to the US.

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