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A “dolt” as the Brits say (fool, nincompoop, clown, simpleton).

Despite the tendency to criticize US Secretary of State John Kerry’s efforts, credit should be given where credit is due…Kerry did manage to facilitate something in the Middle East: unparalleled unanimity.

Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Jordan were all in agreement that Kerry’s efforts were undermining the attempt to bring about a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas as quickly as possible. Moreover, Kerry’s framework and the ideas he presented led to an extraordinary phone call taking place between a senior Palestinian Authority official and an Israeli counterpart, during which the two mocked the senior diplomat’s naivete and his failure to understand the regional reality.

Netanyahu’s New Media Advisor Thinks John Kerry Is An Idiot. Here Are Five Reasons He’s Right.

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NOVEMBER 5, 2015

Bicycle enthusiast and Secretary of State John Kerry is the diplomatic face of a historically unprecedented anti-Israel Obama presidency. Not since Jimmy Carter has a sitting United States president been this hostile to one of its closest allies in the world.

The United States’ intimate relationship with Israel is paramount to the security concerns of both countries. It doesn’t take a military expert to notice that the way in which Obama, Kerry, and for that matter, the president’s diplomatic cabinet, have been treating the government of Jewish state is not just morally problematic but profoundly stupid from a strategic standpoint.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new head media adviser agrees. “Kerry’s mental age doesn’t exceed that of a 12-year-old,” Ran Baratz once said.

Here are five reasons why he’s right:

1. John Kerry negotiated the Iran Nuclear Deal, the most naive accord in modern American history. There are so many flaws with the nuclear deal Kerry signed with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif that it almost parodies itself. The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro points out Senate Democrats and Obama loyalists even “held a party on Capitol Hill to celebrate the disastrous Iran Deal that will allow Iran to go nuclear without consequence in a decade, and fund them with billions of dollars that will go toward expansionist terrorism in the meantime.” Other than the self-evident submission of will to Iran’s apocalyptic-minded mullahs, Kerry’s diplomatic baby is almost certain to fail. Independent Journal lists the major pitfalls of the disastrously stupid deal:

1.  A Final Deal is Not Guaranteed.

2.  Both Parties Interpret the Framework Differently.

3. The Framework Does Not Include Measures for Enforcement.

4. A Final Deal Will Not Prevent a Nuclear Bomb.

5. Iran Benefits from Lifted Sanctions without Complying.

6. The Balance of Power Will Tip in a Chaotic Middle East.

7. The Framework Leaves Out Human Rights.

More here. H/T: Doris Wise Montrose

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