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    1. After reading the NYT piece. The Nazies are almost exlusize as being the sole perpetrators of mass genocide based on a perceived race of people (Jews), but the Ottomans (with multiple regimes) got there first in the systematic murder of Armenians because they were Christian Armenians. There is only a nuance in difference between the two (IMHO, if an Armenian converted to Islam, perhaps he would be spared, Jews were murdered regardless of their belief system). That said, Communists were the most bloody of all statist ideologies (Soviet Russia, Communist China, Khmer Rouge and even Castor’s Cuba), but statism is the single most common feature between them all, meaning hard fisted, and soft tyrannies which the Lipponen (statist) and Katainen (neo-statist) belong. The record is amazingly clear, only in big government orientated (driven) societies that breed an entitlement mentality, and envy, “you’re wealth comes at mine expense” can mass murder, even genocide occur. That traditionally victimized minorities choose the exact system that best holds the potential for breeding situations that will cause their demise, is a pathology worth exploring.

      NOTE: The Communists were also notorious (for those who care to explore it deeper) for murder and plunder, the wealth of those exiled and murdered went to the state.

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