Boko Haram Islam in Africa


Islamic barbarism continues to exact more blood.

Two female suicide bombers kill nine people in Boko Haram attack in Cameroon as the Islamist terror group continues to spread out from Nigeria

Seven Boko Haram suicide bombers have struck towns in Cameroon and Chad over the past weekend. Pictured is the group's purported leader Abubakar Shekau, though it is not known if he is still alive

  • The suicide bombers killed at least nine people in twin attacks in Cameroon
  • Boko Haram controls land in Nigeria’s north east but is warring with army
  • Its Islamic militants have spread their attacks into neighbouring countries

Two female suicide bombers have killed nine people in Cameroon’s far north in the latest wave of terror attacks carried out by Boko Haram militants.

It comes a day after five of the group’s suicide bombers killed at least 41 people in Chad, escalating concerns about the Islamic militants’ reach.

The group currently controls a swathe of land in Nigeria’s north east and is at war with soldiers from a coalition of countries after spreading attacks into neighbouring Cameroon and Chad.

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