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The Western triumphs of freedom of thought, expression and of ideas has been trampled upon by the forces of pseudo intellectualism, disseminated by the various branches of the disingenuous, and Orwellian in nature, ”human rights” movements.

The OSCE, which once stood as a bulwark against the forces of tyranny during the Cold War years, has been reduced to a vanguard/protectorate of alien ideologies. It’s sole purpose today is to promote the rigid conformity of cultural marxist orthodoxy, the acceptable memes that have been cooked up by the Left and their Islamic allies.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, speaking for the BPE ( Pax Europa), delivered the following speech before that conference today.

Session 12

Tear down the walls of un-free speech!

What we are witnessing today is the implementation of ever-more restrictions to our freedom to speak our mind. We should not be addressing hate speech, but free speech!

Who among the participating States back in the 1980’s, at the height of the Cold War, with freedom and Communist oppression opposing each other, would have dreamed that we would one day be attending OSCE meetings discussing speech restrictions.

Who among the participating States back in the 1980’s would have dreamed that one day we would have to tell our children to hold back their opinions in school for fear of repercussions.

Who among the participating States back in the 1980’s would have dreamed that one day we would be confronted with legislation governing thought-crimes.

Who among the participating States back in the 1980’s, fighting for the forces of freedom: freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of expression against the forces of darkness, could have seen this day come.

You, the participating States of the OSCE, were once instrumental in tearing down the walls of oppression, leading the way to freedom, the freedom to speak one’s mind openly and without fear of repercussion. You have failed. By even discussing so-called hate crimes – which are nothing else than the destruction of the free marketplace of ideas – the OSCE has returned to the dark ages of oppression.

Will we sit here in the coming years discussing whatever has been allowed by OSCE participating States? How much farther will the corridor of what is “acceptable” speech be narrowed?

BPE calls on the OSCE to tear down the walls of tyranny of thought-crimes! Only a free marketplace of ideas guarantees vibrant societies.

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