Finnish Immigration Concerns


H/T: Vasara Hammer:

“A young girl was beaten up by culture enricher in the same day a another girl was raped. This happened in Joensuu. She shows her bruised face. Apparently, she declined the advances of the culture enricher.

finn beaten up by enricher 20.9.2015


Friends! Take care of yourselves, and think about where you should walk alone in the dark and where not to. In fact, I was walking along the 200m distance from point A to point B and I got a fist right there on the way from a migrant in the very center of Joensuu when I did not get out of their way. This kinds of incidents have started to become too many! When coming to our country to live you should live in accordance to the ways of the country where actual violence against women is not really ok. On the night in question an immigrant raped a girl half a mile away from where I was beaten. Women, in particular, keep care of yourself, because you can never know what may happen.

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