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Like I told them when I visited the center in Suolahti, “you really don’t know who these people are.”

This jackass makes it known that he DOESN’T want to return home…no clearer example of a Muslim settler.

novi the commie tard

Jukka Laitila asks in a Facebook post:

Isn’t this Nafaw Nabeel and the other is Novi Aljevari. Does this raise any questions? There’s another profile picture.


TT: This guy’s other facebook post says he’s from Basra, Iraq, a Shiite stronghold, far from the fighting. He also parrots the guidebook’s instructions of saying that you’ve been personally threatened, he’s an employable person and threats against him are permanent.

4. The applicant for asylum, or his or her family, shall be under imminent threat. Otherwise asylum will not be granted.

5. Do not mention in your story any weapons or the fact that you know how to use weapons. Show to be the victim, not the executioner.

6. Highlight in your story that you are under imminent threat.

7. Tell the interviewer, that you were in the country of origin, either employed or that you had your own business. If you were unemployed, do not mention this, because it negatively affects the outcome of the interview. Leave the interviewer the impression that you are an asylum seeker, not someone looking for work.

9. Assure that the threat you against is real and genuine. Highlight this as much as you can

12. The threat against you has to be continuous, not temporary. Temporary threat does not justify the invocation of a safe haven.

13. If possible, show written evidence of threats in the interview. If there isn’t such evidence, tell that you have been threatened in various communications and that you were not able to record the threats. You can say, for example, that you got threats by letter, but tore them up and then tossed them away.

Novi Aljevari (a.k.a. Nawaf Nabeel)

novi the shiite in suolahti

Here he is being interviewed in the Central Finland paper, Keskisuomalainen:

An asylum seeker in Suolahti: “They should have remained in Iraq”

Iraqi Nawaf Nabeel, 35 is one night at Suolahti’s Kivilahti camp center which is receiving asylum seekers.He wonders why the group of Iraqi men decided at ten o’clock in the morning to continue their journey elsewhere.

– Why do they then came to Finland, they should have remained in Iraq, Nabeel says.

He says he is satisfied with the current lodgings at the Kivilahti camp center.

– Here it is peaceful, good food and a room with two friends. I feel very safe.

Nabeel says he left Iraq Basra a month ago. He has traveled to, inter alia, through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Germany in every possible transport. A boat trip from Turkey to Greece paid according to him, $ 1300.

– The trip was very dangerous, Nabeel says.

Iraq, he left because of the war. Nabeel says it has received threatening letters from armed extremist organizations.

– I was very scared. They will kill me if I go back to Iraq.

In his home country, Nabeel worked at the South Oil Company administration. He has a wife and four year old daughter, who are currently in Basra with his wife’s parents. His wife works as an engineer Sout Oil Company and Nabeel is also very scared. So far, they stayed in Iraq, because the trip involved a lot of risks, and it would have cost a lot.

– I hope that my wife and daughter able to enter as soon as possible to Finland. I am very scared for them and think about them a lot. I am almost every day with my wife in connection with the internet.

Nabeel wanted to come to Finland because he thinks Finland is interested in refugees and helping them. He hopes that there could stay in Finland permanently with his family and would receive Finnish citizenship.

– I would like to work as a teacher. In Iraq, it was not possible, because there is no freedom of opinion. I could not decide for myself what kind of work I do, Nabeel says.

NOTE: What we are doing to ourselves will go down as the biggest treachery in the history of the West.

novi the commie tard II

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