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Billiard tables, swimming pools and pony rides!

For the Left, everything can be solved by throwing away the people’s money, while ignoring the chief cause, an intolerant ideology called Islam. Stupid is as stupid does my mama always said.

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Abid Raja responds: Leisure Clubs and leisure activities prevent radicalization

  • PHOTO: Robert Filip / Crestock
    We need a variety of leisure and sporting activities and we must ensure that there are activities in the community that are available to everyone. Open and inclusive meeting space helps to prevent exclusion. Therefore, they are also important in the fight against radicalization, writes Abid Raja.
  • Christina Søgård in Youth and Leisure absolutely right. Leisure Clubs and other open venues for youth is an important part of efforts to prevent radicalization of youth.

    We must create the basis for a sense of belonging and inclusion in community and youth groups. All children must be given a place to belong to, where they are recognized and respected.

    In the chronicle “how to prevent our young people radicalized?” I’d written more about leisure for youth.

    Opens doors for youth

    The voluntary sector plays an invaluable role in preventive work against youth.

    Dan P. Neegaard (photographer)

    Organizations and volunteers in different ways opens doors for youth. We need different venues and we do offer that is open, inclusive and accessible.

    Therefore the Left both supported the organized part of sporting and cultural activities and the more disorganized as a matter of both leisure clubs, skate parks, grounds for playing ball, rehearsal rooms for music enthusiasts, swimming pools and green spaces.

    In recreational activities for children and young people must be the threshold for participation is low.

    More here in Norwegian

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