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Stefan From Helsinki once again contacts the Tundra Tabloids with an exclusive report on how ”refugees” in Finland (and elsewhere throughout Europe, many who are not actually refugees themselves) are using a highly sophisticated criminal smuggling system(s) to bring themselves to Helsinki.

A criminal system that issues false passports, fake visas, with smuggling handlers to guide them along their way ensures that a naive European populace, with an uninterested investigative media, are being taken for fools.

Here is Stefan’s story.

A serious criminal element in the refugee / asylum industry.

Stefan from Helsinki

Because of my profession these refugees will tell me what they refuse to tell journalists or border control, police or whatever.

I was very curious how this whole smuggling route works. I found out some things about it that should be known by everyone else, the media and the proper authorities. So I found out the real truth, not the sugar coated stuff, or the sub stories that they sell to the press, so I tried to find out from a guy who was particularly talkative, the other day, how does this work actually. If someone would want to take this trip, how he should do it.

He told me from the very beginning of the route, till he came here, and he said it’s practically what everybody does. The whole trip costs anywhere between 16-20 000 dollars, no less. He also said that in Tehran, for Afghan and Farsi speaking people, all of the smugglers are Iranian, former refugees or Iranians already living here.

It’s a vast network around Europe, and it’s divided between the Arabs and the Iranians, they each have their own smuggling route, and that there is a big retribution if they infringe on each others territory, like, if an Iranian will take someone from an Arab route and vice versa.

So he said that if an Afghan or an Arab wants to come to Europe, there is a place in Azadi Square, a famous landmark in Tehran, he said that in some part of this square the smugglers have, not like an official shop, they just walk the streets and offer their services to young people, and it usually works like that.

They say: ‘I’ll take 16 000 euros or dollars, and take you to Munich Germany”. Usually the route is from Tehran to Munich Germany, that is kind of the usual route. Then they transfer money after this. I asked, ”who paid for you?” he answered that ”my father paid for me”. He was an Afghan, a semi-illiterate guy and sure that his father is even more illiterate, so definitely they are criminals. No semi-illiterate Afghani can have access to that much cash.

So, his father guarantees a certain amount with an illegal money lender in Tehran, there are such like that there, illegal black market money lenders there, they sell illegal foreign currencies there and so on. If you go to the bank, you can only get a certain amount but no more. If you need more then you go to this illegal currency lenders which are operating in the black market.

So they arrange with a third person in Tehran to exchange their money when the person is already in Germany, and calls home and tells the father that he’s made it to his destination in Munich, and then they send their money through this illegal lender to guy, the smuggler and his network.

So, they fill their lorries, usually with Afghani and Iranian young people, and go through the Turkish border, and sometimes there are difficulties at the Turkish border and they can’t get through directly, so they go through the Kurdish-Iraqi border and then go to Turkey. It’s because the Iranian-Turkish border is a little bit, now, more difficult to cross, but usually when they want to cross the Turkish border they have to bribe the border guards. He says a couple of thousand is enough and they bring big lorries full of refugees and give the money to the border guard, they cross the border and take them to the place where they have to get into these dinghy boats.

He said that the people who pump air into the boats are Turkish, but all of the boats are Iranian. He said that there are two different branches, the Arab branch and the Iranian branch and they own all of the boats, each groups bring their own compatriots.

Then they pay a few more thousands to the men with the boats for going across the way, but all of this is done through some kind of credit system. It’s very complicated. Money really doesn’t exchange hands while they are traveling, nobody trusts anybody, but all this network gets paid.

Then they arrive at their destination and call the person who guarantees them in their home country, like their father or some other person, he will pay to the smuggling network in the country of origin. They send the money which ever way they can to each other.

So they come to the Greek island of Kos, or wherever they are taken, and after that it’s not over, still there is a vast network of smugglers in Europe that guide them. For example, one of the reason why these (European) organizations that offer them food and water, they see them throwing the food away, some of them have a deal with the smugglers that, food room and board and travel are paid for. They already get help with that from the smugglers, they don’t need the Red Cross or anything.

He said that in Greece, he went to the house of the smuggler and stayed with them there, with his wife Then they bring them through Macedonia, Serbia and guide them. Like I said, each language group has their own path, they’ve divided the territory and the walking paths between each other. Each takes his own group through the designated path for their smuggling group.

They are then taken to Hungary, where they have tickets purchased for them, because they don’t know the language, they don’t know what to do, so they buy them the tickets too. They put them into the right trains to go to Austria and then to Germany. Then some body else picks them up in Germany and tells them what to do, like taking them to the police or wherever to get them registered.

They (smugglers) tell them what to do, what not to do, what story to tell, where not to go, they inform them on all these matters. If by chance someone doesn’t want to stay in Germany, they want to go somewhere else, to go further, they have to pay an additional fee, which means he will go either to Denmark, Sweden or Finland.

He said that he came with his wife to Germany, but he didn’t like it, because it was too crowded so he wanted to go somewhere else. His handler, an Iranian with a Swedish passport said, ok, I have my car outside, I’ll drive you and your wife to Sweden. He ended up staying over at the house of yet another smuggler in Sweden, and after that, he complained that Sweden (refugee center) is too crowded as well, and was offered a trip to Finland. He was handed off to another smuggler in Finland and came here.

They now said that things are fine here, and they plan to stay.

He said also for an additional fee, if you have lots of money, they will make for you false passports, one from a country that’s in conflict, and one that’s just a normal country. One with a German visa on it as well for you.

So I asked, why do you need a ”normal country’s” passport? Because they want to lose the trail afterward, it works like this. He said that a relative of his had a certain ”Asian look”, (some Afghans have those features) the smuggler made a Chinese passport for her. She pretended to be a Chinese national and they put a German visa in it.

They flew all the way to Germany, since she had a visa she wasn’t fingerprinted, she went from the airport, threw away her Chinese passport and headed for the refugee center and claimed to be an Afghan refugee who came by foot.

So that’s how it works. There are lots of fake passports. He (Afghan refugee in Finland) said that there’s a vast majority of fake visas and passports.

This is a very criminal enterprise. The people who are coming are by no means wealthy, many of them are just criminals, not all, but the ones that I have seen are coming are pure criminal. He named places and names to me, that he drove from this city to that one, he lived in this part of Germany or in that part of Greece. He told me everything.

If he had money to go to Europe, he had money to live in Turkey, people are so gullible and naïve. I feel that if this whole operation was the emphasis in the newspapers, public sentiment would turn against them very quickly.

Also, he said that the people (Syrians coming with the boats, 99% of them used to live in Turkey before even the war started. He said that they’re all rich kids. It’s true, I’ve seen them going around Helsinki with taxis, you see them. They are very wealthy, the Syrians that are coming, they are not just down trodden, poor. The real refugees that are Syrians, are either stuck in camps in Syria or in Turkey.

Of course I can’t trust everything that the Afghanis say about the Syrians because they hate each other, they don’t get along with each other at all in these refugee camps, they have really tense relations. The Afghanis I’ve talked to say that these Syrians are partying all night, they have a lot of money that they throw around while collecting the Finnish welfare money and act horrible towards them. I have seen this myself, quite often they (Syrian refugees) call taxis and go into town from these refugee centers.

The Afghans are not really Afghans, like from the Pashtun province example, they are all from Iran, some even born there, most of them actually. The Iranian Afghans, living there, are in safety. I’m not saying that there is good conditions, but they are in safe conditions.

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  1. Disturbing and dangerous to allow Islam into laid back western Countries, the left wing politicians and people are a threat to the very existence of love and humanity. They have deleted God from their lives and figure that everything in the world is based on their western beliefs without acknowledging the history of Islam. Everyone needs to wake up!

    1. Almost too late to wake up Kevin.

      But it’s hard to imagine how this further invasion of Muslim immigrants is to be managed by EU States.

      Even now, 54% of the world’s welfare budget is spent in Europe alone.

      So its hard to imagine how Sweden will cope with another 75,000 immigrants over the next twelve months.

      Nor Germany which must be suffering from a prolonged guilt complex.

      Almost refreshing to hear Viktor Urban saying we don’t want Muslim immigrants in our country (Hungary).

      A further inexplicable irony is that European states have done very little (if anything) in a military sense to degrade ISIS.

      Seems to be right now that the USA and Australia are carrying the burden along with the UAE.

      If I were running Finland (a fantasy thought), I would get the …. out of the EU and take my chances with Ivan.

    2. The leftists have not just deleted God, but put themselves in His place. Now all hell is breaking loose.

  2. And, by the way, are we right now witnessing the demise of the nation state?

    When European states are told they must accept a quota of these immigrants – even when they do not want to – national sovereignty has died.

    Has it already happened?

  3. Wait another 30 years and they will
    go back to their native countries with European retirement benefits. Or they can bring their parents with them to the US, and the elders can collect now, in between trips home to visit their property and relatives.

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