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This is why I cast Sweden in such a negative light. It deserves it.


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The Three Stalinst Stooges: Niklas Orrenius, Peter Wolodarski and Annika Hamrud

The Gates of Vienna has the entire story here, so i’ll just include a portion of Julia Ceaser’s accounting with a link back to GOV for the rest. Read it in full, get the full taste of the Swedish stalinism that fortunately doesn’t exist (at least in the same measure) here in Finland.

An excerpt from GOV’s: 

The Digital Assassination of Julia Caesar

Introduction: The public lynching of a critical voice
by Liberty DK

Sweden’s public “media” today

The Stasi-like ugly face of Swedish politically correct media showed itself today in full bloom with the public lynching of a well-known and respected journalist, Julia Caesar (pseudonym).

A Swedish journalist, Julia Caesar, an elderly pensioner of frail health, has in recent years written about a hundred articles critical of the state of Sweden and its slide into chaos. She is, in this writer’s view, one of the most honest, insightful and clear-headed journalists today. Her essays about Swedish politics, political correctness and Sweden’s’ insane out-of-control immigration policy have earned her a loyal readership. She has been, and remains, a very important voice of dissent in the politically correct deranged country of Sweden and her articles are read by the hundreds of thousands. She writes under a pseudonym because, as she explains in the article to follow, her life, and her family’s life would be in danger were she to publish under her real name.

In the following article, published this past Saturday in the Danish website Snaphanen, Julia Caesar wrote the an account of the unscrupulous depths Swedish media will go to in order to silence dissent. It is truly frightening.

There are people who have assumed to themselves the right to utterly shatter my safe haven and make my life a living hell. I am hunted by people, emissaries of a large media group who want to silence me. They want to stop me writing by harassing and molesting me, scaring me and by making my life as unbearable as possible.

In relation to this story, the online publication Avpixlat writes the following under the headline “Swedish media now a parody of itself”:

In Sweden, we have other kinds of punishment than death sentences for the “wrong” views. Precisely as said by the economist Tino Sanandaji on American television, this instead takes place in the form of social stigmatization and branding – thus expressing critical views about Europe and the world’s most extreme and destructive immigration policy – backed by a small and utterly reality-resistant bubble in Stockholm’s inner city, and that has never taken its journalistic mission seriously – becomes an absolute necessity.

Update: This article was, just today the 2nd of September, countered by an article written by Annika Hamrud, one of the journalists who had stalked Julia. Hamrud’s contempt for Julia shines through in her article where she publishes both the name and the photo of the woman behind the pseudonym, thereby willfully and deliberately putting Julia’s life in danger.

Sunday Chronicle: The Nightmare
by Julia Caesar

You turn onto a small forest road and drive about 100 meters. Here you will find a house, embraced by a forest of tall pines and spruce. The house is small with a small garden plot on the front where the trees have already shed their leaves, and the flowers now lie dying in a persistent drought. This is the small house in which I live. The cottage lies in a very remote area. This is my oasis. Almost nobody makes it out here. It is far away also from friends and family. Here I can work in peace and quiet. That is to say: here I thought I could work in peace and quiet.

Peace and quiet turn into a nightmare

But the peacefulness that I need has now turned into a nightmare. There are people who have assumed to themselves the right to utterly shatter my safe haven and make my life a living hell. I am hunted by people, emissaries of a large media group who want to silence me. They want to stop me writing by harassing and molesting me, scaring me and by making my life as unbearable as possible.

The persecution has been going on for a year. I have reached my limit now and I will not put up with it anymore. This is my story about what the media and my colleagues are capable of doing in their attempt to silence this inconvenient writer. Today’s Stasi is where you least expect it. Seek and ye shall find. Or be pursued and see the truth about the “free and independent” press.

I write under a pseudonym to protect my children and grandchildren

When I begin writing columns for Snaphanen in the spring of 2010 I do so only after very careful consideration. It is a choice that is in conflict with my life-long journalistic rule — a rule I have had my entire professional life — the rule that says that you should stand up for what you write under your own name.

I choose, however, to write under a pseudonym. I agonized over the decision, but I know the forces which are moving in the outside world. I have to protect my children and grandchildren. Those who are most dear to me.

We have a very unusual name. We are the only ones in this country with our name. This makes us terribly vulnerable in a world where all data is open and available on the net. My grandchildren are still young. If anything should happen to them, or to my children, I would never forgive myself.

For me, freedom of expression is sacred

My second reason for writing under a pseudonym is my knowledge of what Islamic extremists and violent groups such as AFA and Revolutionary Front are capable of. Admittedly I am old, but I would love to keep my head a few more years.

Would I have made the same choice in 2010 if I had known what I now know, here, five years later? Would I have written “World Champions”, “More Ministers Should Cry,” “The Land That Disappeared”? Would I have written 200 political chronicles? (This is the 201st).

The answer is yes. For me, freedom of expression is sacred. It is enshrined in the Swedish constitution, and I am prepared to die for it. Democracy stands or falls with freedom of expression. A silenced people are a people who have surrendered. The more frustrated I get with how much my colleagues omit, hide and lie about to their readers / listeners / viewers, the more determined I become to tell you what they omit.

Read it all here.

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