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No idea who the perp(s) is, who knows, it could even be the asylum seekers themselves.

Tense atmosphere at Finland’s largest reception center- staff cars were damaged

Saturday 08.29.2015 at 19.20

Twelve cars belonging to staff at the Joutseno reception center were harmed by scratching on Friday afternoon.


Director Jari Kähkönen says that the police filmed the damage and are investigating the matter.

– We have video surveillance that also extends to the parking area. The video recordings are currently being examined, and will try find the perpetrators.

The scratches according to him were premeditated, and not just the results of the scraping of keys.

The atmosphere at Finland’s largest reception center has been tense in recent days.

Last week Friday, a serious incident took place in Joutseno when about thirty people attacked one applicant for asylum being transported in a car. Center employee was just in the process of moving the man away from the center.

The attacking crowd  broke the big side window of the van, managed to open the door and managed to beat a man in the car before the staff had time to get in between, Kähkönen said on Monday Iltalehti.

[Tundra Tabloids: It was a crowd of 30 Albanian mens attacking a lone Russian man.]

In his career such a serious incident as this have never occurred in the past.

Joutseno reception center is the largest in the country, and it is completely full. The center has about 400 asylum-seekers.

IL H/T: Jukka Ketonen

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