Halal Islam in the UK


Like Brian of London (at Israellycool) says, Halal, it just isn’t kosher!

Islam is one big mistreatment of everything and everybody.

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Halal slaughterhouse at centre of mistreatment probe goes into administration

A controversial halal slaughterhouse in Thirsk that was secretly filmed allegedly mistreating lambs has gone into administration.

Bowood Farms hit the headlines when animals rights group Animal Aid released hidden camera footage allegedly showing animals being abused.

As a result, a Food Standards Agency (FSA) investigation was launched into the footage.

A statement released said the company had ceased trading and all the staff had been made redundant.

A spokesman for Leonard Curtis, an insolvency specialist, said: “K G Murphy, P Deyes and J M Titley of Leonard Curtis were appointed as joint administrators of Bowood Farms Limited t/a Bowood Yorkshire Lamb on 5th August 2015.

“Prior to our appointment, the company had ceased to trade and all employees have subsequently been made redundant.

“The Joint Administrators are actively seeking interested parties for the property and assets.”

The footage apparently showed a worker hacking and sawing at animals’ throats and a s heep being kicked in the face and head, lifted by their ears, fleeces or legs, and hurled into solid structures.

More here. H/T: Buck

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    Why are to animal protection charities and authorterian bodies turning a blind eye to this cruelty , Do you have a YELLOW STREAK down your backs ,or are you just there for the money ,and claiming false claims , would you like this to happen to your PET CAT, DOG , GOAT , HORSE, OR EVEN A CHILD ?
    Then do something , If muslims want HALAL food then give them their own slaughter houses and have the food LABELED , AND SLAUGHTER HOUSES FOR THE “INFIDELS” rest of us stating that it is not killed cruely and that it is not halal.

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