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  1. Really? There is no global warming? Fish around Vancouver, Canada has been decimated. The water: Is ONE DEGREE higher this summer.

    Car emissions. Factories and water used in factories with hundred degrees then sent to our oceans. All this recklessness will go without consequences?

    It was a Russian in the 1960s that he discovered global green house effect. He had no axe to grind.

    1. Glo-bull warming industry is a massive attempt to redistribute wealth and enrich the crony welfare corporatists and their lackey politicians. The OVERWHELMING percentage of green house gasses…is water vapor! To capture exactly the ratio in question, a 10 000 seat auditorium that represents ”green house gasses” in the world’s atmosphere, only 4 seats represents CO2 carbon (which is necessary for life on this planet, otherwise you have Mars2). This is a scam of all scams and the big money funding it flows from the taxpayers pockets in huckster fraud deals.

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