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Simple facts is, you shouldn’t.

“We have to go over the heads of all these big government institutions and their surrogates in order to inform our children and grandchildren and our neighbors’ children and any people who will listen why, in the first case, liberty is something to be preserved and, in the second case, why centralized big government is something to be opposed,” the author stated. “What I’m saying is let us inform ourselves.”

Levin: Why Should We Let The Left Destroy Future Generations?

Associate Editor
1:16 AM 08/03/2015

Talk show host and bestselling author Mark Levin is troubled that young people embrace “big, centralized government” when he believes it destroys their future prosperity.

In the second installment of The Daily Caller’s exclusive, three-part interview with Levin in connection with his new book, “Plunder and Deceit,” the author explains that he wrote his latest work to argue why conservatives need to do a better job of reaching out to millennials. (RELATED: Levin: Levin: Republican Leaders ‘Smother’ The ‘Few Voices Of Liberty’ In Congress)

“What big, centralized government is doing to the country generally is catastrophic, but in particular for younger people — 35 and under — it is a disaster,” the radio personality told TheDC. “The case is overwhelming and I do not feel that parents and grandparents and conservatives or constitutionalists make the case effectively or even attempt to to people who are 30, 40 years younger — to their own children and grandchildren.”

“My attitude is: why should we allow the left to continue to destroy the next generation and future generations with out fighting back?” Levin continued. “If we just leave it up to the left, then the left is going to essentially succeed in indoctrinating future generations and transmuting society.”

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