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With talk of a ”mega mosque (beachhead) in Finland, we need all hands on deck to mount a media offensive against it as well.



How To Stop A Mosque

I will try and use this method myself in Copenhagen. I will let you know via our 10News newsletter how it goes.

Feel very welcome to translate and try yourself:

How To Stop A Mosque
By: Nicolai Sennels

First I want to stress that stopping mosques is absolutely possible. Gavin Boby’s organization Law And Freedom Foundation has managed to stop 20 out of 24 mosque projects in the UK – and counting (Law and Freedom Foundation). The below recipies is inspired by Boby:

The problems with mosques are that:

1) They spread fundamentalist, unmoderated Islam by not publicly and actively rejecting the Quran’s and Muhammad’s criminal incitement to violence and murder. Instead they preach the Quran (Allah’s revelations to Muhammad) and the Hadiths (Muhammad’s own deeds and sayings which are equally holy to Muslims) as faultless, even though they include hundreds of verses urging and even ordering Muslims to persecute, forcibly convert, rob, rape, harm,maim, enslave and kill non-Muslims, apostates and hypocrites (Muslims not fully subjugating to Islamic law, Sharia) and suppress, beat and rape their own Muslim women.

2) By spreading Islam, mosques spread Islam’s oppressive rules and regulations among Muslims and leads to radicalization. This does not only include Islam’s obligation to wage war, so-called Jihad, on non-Muslims on every level, including economical, cultural and physical. This also includes the many rules and regulations in the Sharia that revoke Muslims’ basic human rights to choose their own partner (e.g. a non-Muslim partner), women’s right to freely divorce (e.g. divorcing a violent partner), religion, clothing and life style. By strengthening the religious tenants of Islam in the Muslim society, Mosques contribute to the well-known social control among Muslims, which tend to radicalize vulnerable youths and put pressure on moderate, secular Muslims.

3) Mosque buildings, especially the dominating minarets, are not fitting into Western architecture and by allowing them in our cities and towns we Islamize the architectural landscape of our countries. All types of islamization, including changing our townscapes to accommodate to fundamentalists’ dream of building Arab style mosques and “cultural centers” in Western cities, is reshaping our society to make it easier for Islamic fundamentalists who prefer Islam to Western culture and values, to come and live among us. We do not need more of that, we need less. Every time we give into Muslims’ demands for special treatment and allow our countries to be Islamized, however little, our own culture is being pushed aside to some degree. None of this is counter-productive in the struggle against fundamentalist Islam and it is an affront to Western society and culture.

More here.

NOTE: Former Muslim and sharia scholar, Sam Solomon on mosques, what they really are about.

Comparison of Non-Islamic vs Islamic views of one’s freedom of choice and options in life.

So we see that a mosque is a seat of government. A mosque is a school. A mosque is a court. A mosque is a training center. A mosque is a gathering place, or social center. It is not a place of “worship” per se as understood and as practiced in Western societies.

Specifically, how is a mosque a threat to the community within which it is built?

Every single mosque in the world, by definition, is modeled on the mosque of Muhammad in Medina in accordance with the Sunnah. The Sunnah interprets the Qur’an by reporting exhaustively on everything that Muhammad said, did, or consented to. Therefore, his Medina mosque, the first mosque, was a place where he gave judgments, where he decided who would be executed, where he instituted policy—domestic and military— where Jihad war strategies were designed. Consequently, it was a storage place for arms, a military training base, and was where troops were blessed and dispatched. Literally they were sent to conquer – first the whole of Arabia, and then the rest of the known world. Therefore if the present-day mosque is modeled as per the Sunnah of Muhammad then there should be very serious concern. As is well-known, Muslims are required to follow the example (Sunnah) of Muhammad—and according to Sura 33:36 it is not an option or a matter of opinion: “It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allâh and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed in a plain error.”  This explains and establishes beyond doubt why arms have been found in mosques in various countries, and in different capital cities.

In addition to the undisputed significance of the Medina mosque as the role model for all Mosques, there is also the Islamic policy of establishing strategic Mosques as beachheads with interconnected networks. Taken together, these two policies do constitute a clear and present danger—and a need for concern.

For example, when Abu Hamza[1] was the Imam of the Finsbury Park mosque in the United Kingdom, he trained people, he sent out terrorists  and British authorities found arms stored there.  He was well within his Islamic mandate as these activities were sanctioned by Islam. He didn’t find it wrong because it is in the Islamic manuals. Another prime example of a mosque being found to have engaged in high-level political, military and intelligence activities is the Munich Mosque, which is now considered by Islamists to be on a par with some  of highest-ranked Mosques in Muslim countries.[2]

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