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Any kind of mosque (beachhead) building in the West is troublesome to say the least.


  • Iltalehti: Helsinki Grand Mosque financial controversy has led to individual fits of rage between Sunnis and Shias, tells the newspaper Helsingin Sanomat.

“We have reports of isolated cases, Sunnis have responded aggressively against Shiites. Because attackers deem Shiites as infidels ” Heinonen says.

  • HS:Several Shiite Muslims interviewed by the HS tell of escalated tensions that have already led to violent incidents in the metropolitan area.

“Finland already has mosques that are home to radical ideologies, and radical elements are funded by these same countries. How can the government monitor this grand mosque, to prevent radicalism?” he asks.

Mosque friction

Helsinki’s coming mega-mosque drawing headlines.

Helsingin Sanomat runs a piece on the grand mosque planned for Helsinki, reminding readers that the project is in its infancy and hasn’t even found a place for the structure to be built yet. Still, Muslim leaders in Finland are calling the mosque plans “mysterious” and secretive, fearing added tension between Shia and Sunni Muslims could ignite over issues such as the religious building’s funding.

“A mosque funded byan Arab country does not represent all Muslims. The Islam represented by a mosque like this is always to the tune of those who paid for it,” says Welat Nehri of the Finnish Kurds’ association in the Helsingin Sanomat piece. The main moneyman for the project is the royal seat of Bahrain, and especially Shia Muslims are worried about the country’s political ties to Saudi Arabia and to Salafism or radical Islam.

“This isn’t even about tension between Shia and Sunni, but about a power play by Salafists to convince Sunni Muslims to join their cause,” says Madjid Bahmanpour, cultural secretary for a Helsinki Shia association.

HS writes that another problem lies in the fact that the entire mosque proposal is being prepared seemingly in secret, by only a few organisers and without the knowledge of central Muslim organisations. The secrecy points to radicalism, Nehri says.

“Finland already has mosques that are home to radical ideologies, and radical elements are funded by these same countries. How can the government monitor this grand mosque, to prevent radicalism?” he asks.


What is a Mosque? An Interview with Sam Solomon

Every single mosque in the world, by definition, is modeled on the mosque of Muhammad in Medina in accordance with the Sunnah. The Sunnah interprets the Qur’an by reporting exhaustively on everything that Muhammad said, did, or consented to. Therefore, his Medina mosque, the first mosque, was a place where he gave judgments, where he decided who would be executed, where he instituted policy—domestic and military— where Jihad war strategies were designed. Consequently, it was a storage place for arms, a military training base, and was where troops were blessed and dispatched. Literally they were sent to conquer – first the whole of Arabia, and then the rest of the known world.

Therefore if the present-day mosque is modeled as per the Sunnah of Muhammad then there should be very serious concern. As is well-known, Muslims are required to follow the example (Sunnah) of Muhammad—and according to Sura 33:36 it is not an option or a matter of opinion: “It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allâh and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allâh and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed in a plain error.”  This explains and establishes beyond doubt why arms have been found in mosques in various countries, and in different capital cities.

In addition to the undisputed significance of the Medina mosque as the role model for all Mosques, there is also the Islamic policy of establishing strategic Mosques as beachheads with interconnected networks. Taken together, these two policies do constitute a clear and present danger—and a need for concern.

For example, when Abu Hamza[1] was the Imam of the Finsbury Park mosque in the United Kingdom, he trained people, he sent out terrorists  and British authorities found arms stored there.  He was well within his Islamic mandate as these activities were sanctioned by Islam. He didn’t find it wrong because it is in the Islamic manuals. Another prime example of a mosque being found to have engaged in high-level political, military and intelligence activities is the Munich Mosque, which is now considered by Islamists to be on a par with some  of highest-ranked Mosques in Muslim countries.[2]

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