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Jackasses all of them.

Oh, and YLE, the taxpayer funded government monkey grinder, regurgitates the slander meme against MP Jussi Halla-aho (who supports Immonen), failing once again to truthfully report why he was ”convicted” for so called ”hate speech”. Political show trials meant solely to destroy its opposition can only end with one verdict, guilty.

Finns Party under scrutiny again

Finnish dailies engage in tortured navel-gazing Monday morning as a furore continues over an anti-multiculturalism Facebook post by Finns Party MP Olli Immonen.

Perussuomalaisten kansanedustaja Olli Immonen eduskunnan täysistunnossa Helsingissä 23. kesäkuuta 2015.
Finns Party MP Olli Immonen previously received a slap on the wrist after posing with a group of far-right national socialists. Image: Anni Reenpää / Lehtikuva

Tabloid daily Ilta Sanomat reports that the update, in which Immonen calls for a “fight until the end” against “this nightmare called multiculturalism”, has riven the ranks of the first-time government coalition partner. According to the paper, while some in the party have condemned the comments, the post and its sentiments have also resonated with others.

Finns Party Europarliamentarian Jussi Halla-aho – himself convicted of hate speech – has come out in support of Immonen, wondering why the party’s anti-multicultural stance comes as a surprise.

“Just for the record, I want to tell journalists and others that I also oppose multiculturalism. I also believe multiculturalism is an ugly bubble. I don’t necessarily share his optimism that this ugly bubble will pop before it has destroyed European society, but I will do everything to ensure that it does,” Halla-aho said in a Facebook post.

More moderate members of the party, such as MP Maria Tolppanen, party secretary Riikka Slunga-Poutsalo and parliamentary group chair Sampo Terho said they were taken aback by Immonen’s post. The paper contacted seven Finns Party group leaders, four of whom agreed that the post had a negative impact.

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