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What in the world are they thinking by letting them (jihadi nut-jobs) back into Finland?


SUPO: 13 women have already left Finland to join the ranks of ISIS

Wednesday 22.07.2015 at 11.26

SUPO Communications Manager Jyri Rantala says that SUPO knows about the case of 26- year-old Abdulla Helan fighting against ISIS.

Kaikki Isisin matkaan lähteneet eivät välttämättä osallistu taistelutoimintaan.

All who have left for ISIS may not have taken part in combat operations. (MOST PHOTOS)

– The threat she’s experienced is known, but otherwise we can not comment on the matter, says Rantala.

Supoa currently is working mostly on the fighters who have left Finland to join the ranks of ISIS.

– Nearly 70 fighters have left Finland, of whom 13 are women, Rantala says.

In per capita terms and as compared to other western countries, Finland has the greatest number of fighters who left to join ISIS. According to CNN’s comparison, in relation to the Muslim population, the greatest number of fighters have left from Finland.

The lowest caste

All who left for ISIS’ rows are not necessarily directly involved in combat operations.

– If the battle combat doesn’t interest, Isis offers other so-called support functions, says Rantala.

The lowest caste in the ranks of ISIS do not know the language and are  combatants ill-informed about Islamic culture.

– They will have the tasks which locals do not want to take care of, but on the other hand the West has left a lot of military trained individuals.

Rantala does not say what roles those who left in Finland for ISIS have ended up with.

Approximately 20 have come back

Some of the fighters have already returned back to Finland.

– Around 20 people have returned, some of whom have been disappointed, maybe ISIS did not correspond at all to expectations, says Rantala.

SUPO’s task is to ensure that fighters who have returned to Finland do not pose a security threat.

– The aim is to to meet all who have returned to Finland and assess what happened there.

– If there is reason to suspect a crime, then we start an investigation, Rantala concludes.

IltaSanomat H/T: Mimossa

NOTE: What a bunch of gobbledygook. What do they mean ”didn’t fill expectations”? Not enough dead bodies, brutal whippings, head chopping, slavery for them?

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  1. ” Around 20 people have returned, some of whom have been disappointed, maybe ISIS did not correspond at all to expectations, says Rantala.”

    Why didn’t it correspond to their expectations – not bloodthrsty enough or what? Has anybody asked them??

    OR – were did ISIS actually EXCEED their expectations and they were sent back to explode in a crowd of infidels at some later date??

    Hasn’t it occurred to the Finnsh government that it just might be a good idea to find out the answers BEFORE admitting these turds back into Finland and by extension , the whole EU ????

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