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While you’re at it, why not give Islamic State a portion of public beach as well, as they take time off from all that head chopping and misogyny like the Sowdy royals?

The dhimmis are even installing an elevator for the fatsos as well.

French officials defend handing beach to Saudis

French officials defend handing beach to Saudis

Published: 20 Jul 2015 17:16 GMT+02:00

Authorities in the south of France have provoked a storm of criticism after it emerged that a Saudi king has been allowed to commandeer a public beach all for himself.

King Salman is expected to arrive in the Riviera this week where he and his family will stay at his plush villa which stands just metres from the Mirandole beach in Vallauris.

Local beachgoers from nearby Cannes and Antibes, have protested against the fact they will be barred from the beach for the entire duration of the family’s stay.

Saudi royals further inflamed relations with local hosts when they were given the green light to build an elevator down to the sand to make it easier for them to access the beach from their villa.

But Francois-Xavier Lauch, director of the office of the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture, told The Local on Monday that the closing of the beach was simply a question of security.

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