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Because the infidels never matter to islamo-supremacists.

Just a taste of more sharia to come once France totally falls under the islamo-umbrella.

Saudi royals ‘illegally’ close off French public beach

Text by FRANCE 24 Latest update : 2015-07-17

The Saudi royal family has infuriated residents of a French Riviera town by blocking off a secluded private beach it intends to have exclusive access to for the duration of the family’s forthcoming seaside holiday.

The Saudi royals and their large entourage will be spending a few weeks at their luxury mansion in Vallauris, which is right next to the picturesque Mirandole beach that is only accessible by a tunnel that runs beneath the coastal railway line.

And well before the scheduled royal holiday was due to begin, locals reacted with fury Wednesday when they found the tunnel fenced off and a mysterious concrete slab laid down by the entrance to the beach. Both actions, according to local authorities, are completely illegal.

“We have had no planning application for this work,” Vallauris Mayor Michelle Salucki told local newspaper Nice Matin.

More here. H/T: Fjordman

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  1. If the tunnel is the only access to a public beach, then it should (in theory) be a public right-of-way that cannot be blocked without special permission from public authorities.

    If the tunnel is not a public right-of-way, hopefully French Law has a provision for (what we call in the United States) the Right of Eminent Domain. Under this provision, the government can establish the tunnel as a public right-of-way, but a court might make the public compensate the property owner. It could be expensive. Then again, French law might give the government more power and leeway to exercise Eminent Domain.

    Or… perhaps the French do not have a Right of Eminent Domain and they’re just stuck.

    I did not read the rest of the story in the link so maybe I missed some of this.


    There is NO Santa Claus (aka TINSC

  2. Oh! So now I see the French were in on the closure and used “security” as an excuse.

    It’s a shame no such security measures were taken to protect Jews and journalists critical of Islam.

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