If true, it shows an increased concerted effort by the islamonazi caliphate to unseat the Hamas islamonazi regime for not being islamonazi enough (if that’s at all possible).

hamas society

It also goes to undermine the meme that casts average Muslims as equal victims of jihad: ”ordinary muslims are more likely to be victims of jihad than the non-muslim”. Now we know that other islamonazis are more likely to be killed by them too.

NOTE: It’s all about getting rid of ”apostates” and ”corrupting forces” in Islam, then they’ll turn their gaze in our direction in earnest.

Suspected ISIS Jihadists Blow Up Six Hamas Vehicles in Gaza

Only two people were wounded, indicating that it might have been Fatah and not ISIS who attacked.
Gaza ambulance at scene of one of six attacks on Gaza ans Islamic Jihad vehicles Sunday morning.
Gaza ambulance at scene of one of six attacks on Gaza ans Islamic Jihad vehicles Sunday morning.
Photo Credit: Hamza-Twitter

Salafists linked with the Islamic State (ISIS) blew up six Hamas and Islamic Jihad vehicles in simultaneous attacks in Gaza City Sunday morning.

At least two people were wounded.

The ability to stage a coordinated attack in the Hamas stronghold reflects both the capabilities of the jihadists as well as the growing vulnerability of Hamas, whose regime has brought misery, depression and war to the local population.

An ISIS poster was found near one of the vehicles that as exploded.

Israel’s Reshet Bet (Voice of Israel) suggested that terrorists may have used the ISIS poster to frame the Islamists for attacks, which could have been carried only with highly organized support.

The fact that there were not many injuries offers a hint that it might have been Palestinian Authority Fatah terrorists who staged the rare attack with the intent of scaring Hamas but without causing an immediate upheaval.

So much for the “unity” that the Obama so highly applauded earlier this year.

Hamas, which recently has fallen back into Iran’s good graces, is in a serious crisis and has been outlawed in Gaza.

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