The irony being, Swedish open border radicals in government want to take in 50 – 100 000 refugees this year alone.

20,000 students without housing in Sweden

20,000 students without housing in Sweden

Students at Uppsala university in Sweden. Photo: Magus Liam Karlsson/Image Bank Sweden

As Swedish and foreign students prepare to start university this autumn, a new report suggests 20,000 of them will struggle to find a place to live, despite a national push to tackle the housing shortage.

On Thursday, 385,000 people will find out if they have secured a place at a Swedish university, with most courses getting under way in late August or September.

But the excitement of scoring a spot on a fascinating course or making friends in a new city will be marred for many, due to an ongoing housing shortage affecting more than half the locations across Sweden which offer further education.

In 2015, 20,000 people are likely to start their first term without accommodation, 3,000 more than five years ago, according to a new study.

Conducted by Studentbostadsföretagen, the trade association for groups that own and manage student residences in Sweden, the report argues that while efforts have been made to build new homes in university towns and cities in recent years, too many of the properties remain unaffordable.

“Students cannot afford to pay that much,” Ingrid Gyllfors from Stockholm’s Student Housing Foundation, which co-wrote the report, told Swedish broadcaster Sveriges Radio.

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