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The UN, ” is a crooked court with jury hanging judges” It’s the international Jim Crow of our times. Israel can expect the same kind of ‘justice” from the UN, that a Black African American could expect in the formerly segregated (democrat run) southern states of the US.

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To anyone having to deal with lefty nutjobs on the streets condemning Israel, you’ll have to pose them this dilemma. If they really are for human rights, why are they so willing to allow UN governing agencies to get away with turning a blind eye to the worst of the worst in order to get their votes for resolutions against the world’s only Jewish state?

This is why Zimbabwe, China, N.Korea, Mauritius and a whole host of Muslim and African/Asian states do not get the attention of the UN, they form a crucial role in the block that exists from the Cold War period that uses it’s ”one state, one vote” against the Jews. Those who refuse to acknowledge this fact, are either hard core ideologues or ignoramuses.


The UN’s Human Rights Council has issued more condemnations of Israel than of all other countries combined, a new report has found, prompting allegations of gross corruption. The Council also reserves a special agenda item targeting Israel in every meeting, singling out the country in a way not done for any other.

According to the civil rights group UN Watch, in the nine years since the UN’s Human Rights Council was first set up, it has issued condemnations of Israel 61 times, far outstripping the 55 condemnations of other countries from across the world issued in the same period.

The next highest on the list is Syria, which has been the subject of criticism by the Council a mere 15 times. North Korea, which keeps its countrymen in a state of perpetual starvation, cut off from the rest of the world, has received just eight condemnations, whilst Zimbabwe which “severely curtails basic human rights” has received none at all.

There were also seven urgent sessions of the Council convened to condemn Israel. Of the eleven directed at other countries worldwide, four were aimed at Syria, and just one each at seven other countries including North Korea, the Ivory Coast and Libya.

And yet the Council is set to condemn Israel again this week for the 62nd time, when the Palestinian delegation will deliver yet another report on Israeli action in Gaza.

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