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Better that he die there than to take people with him here.

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Final moments of the ‘White Beast’: Heavily-bearded British Muslim convert is seen hugging and praying with Al-Shabaab fighters before going into battle where he was shot dead by Kenyan troops 

Death of British Al-Shabaab fighter Thomas Evans 'White Beast' captured on video

The death of British Al-Shabaab militant Thomas Evans (left), who was shot while filming a bloody firefight in northern Kenya (right), has been revealed after the footage was discovered on his corpse. Revealing images also show the 25-year-old, known as the ‘White Beast’ because of his brutality on the battlefield, hugging and praying with his fellow militants (inset) the day before the onslaught.

Originally from a sleepy Buckinghamshire village, the Al-Shabaab commander is filmed rallying his fellow fanatics by telling them: ‘The war starts now.’ Extraordinary footage then shows how the extremist is gunned down while filming the attack on the Kenyan Defence Force base. The body of Evans, who is one of at least 50 Britons suspected of operating with the Somali-based terror group, has been buried in northern Kenya after formal identification was carried out with DNA from his family.

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