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This is pure Muslim Brotherhood clap trap meant to assuage the furthering of Islamic dawa onto the general (and fearful of being called an islamofauxbe) public. It’s chocked full of lies and ambiguities that spins islam into the opposite of what it really is, a backwards, 7th century death cult that treats women like chattel, intolerant of others who non-Islamic and who maintain public order (keeping people living in fear for their lives) through street vigilantism.

NOTE: That this naval captain was allowed to wear a headscarf in military uniform, speaks to the successes of their propaganda and intimidation methods.

From Australia, H/T Baron Bodissey:

islam in australia


The Position of Women in Islam Women are highly respected and protected under the requirements of Islam. The Prophet Mohamed, when asked by a follower who it was that he must most obey, care for and respect, replied three times: “Your mother”. A mother is like a school. Educate and prepare her well and she will raise a righteous and prosperous community.

A woman is equal to a man. God favours no sex or race over another. A person’s status with God comes only through their piety and adherence to God’s laws or commandments. A woman has every right to work and travel freely without any man’s permission. A husband, though, should not ask or expect his wife to work or contribute financially to the family – that is his duty – but she can contribute if she so wishes. A man/husband has no rights over a woman’s money. He is obliged to provide for his wife and children from head to toe. Islam teaches men/husbands: “The best among you is he who is good to his wife … Treat your wife with kindness”.

The hijab is a head covering sanctioned in the Quran, which contains dress codes for both men and women. It is worn for reasons of modesty, piety, dignity, respect, and identity, and as a shield or protection when in public. It provides liberation from the sexualisation of women and the consequent issues that come with that – low self-esteem, poor body-image, and resulting health disorders. Mother Mary, a great role model, wore the hijab.

Much more here.

NOTE II: Invoking the mother of Jesus into the islamo-narrative is a favorite ploy of the Muslim Brotherhood, and other islamo-apologists. Mary was a Jew, she covered her head with a simple scarf, not a hijab, as many Jews and non-Jews did during that time period. There is no record of it ever having been imposed upon the people like in islamic countries and communities in the West.

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