Post-modern thinking School children manipulation


More post-modern thinking which is turning our students into morons.

“Why not teach the oral tradition out of Africa, which includes an equally relevant commentary on human behavior?” She suggests.

Because oral traditions out of Africa have never aspired it’s people to develop societies that reached levels that of the West’s.

Teacher: I Don’t Teach Shakespeare Because He’s White

The Washington Post has published a guest article by a California teacher arguing that American high school students shouldn’t read Shakespeare because he’s a dead, white man.

Dana Dusbiber, who teaches English in Sacramento, says she avoids Hamlet and all the rest because her minority students shouldn’t be expected to study a “a long-dead, British guy” (Dusbiber herself is white). And while Shakespeare is widely regarded as the premier writer of the English language, able to timelessly portray themes central to the human experience, Dusbiber says he only is regarded that way because “some white people” ordained it and he can easily be replaced.

“Why not teach the oral tradition out of Africa, which includes an equally relevant commentary on human behavior?” She suggests. “Why not teach translations of early writings or oral storytelling from Latin America or Southeast Asia other parts of the world? Many, many of our students come from these languages and traditions … perhaps we no longer have the time to study the Western canon that so many of us know and hold dear.”

To bolster her case for dumping the Bard, Dusbiber says that minority students, like those who dominate her own classroom, deserve to study their own cultures rather than being exposed to “Eurocentrism.” But at the same time, she takes the exact opposite position for whites, saying school should be a place for them to explore cultures other than their own.

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2 Responses

  1. “her minority students shouldn’t be expected to study a “a long-dead, British guy””

    Why stop there? Why limit it to education and be hypocritical? Maybe her minorty students shouldn’t be expected to avail themselves of Western developments in other area besides literature/philosophy. There’s parliamentary democracy & legal system, medicine, etc

  2. Ahhhh, the great islamofascist lie: ALL cultures are equal. You see, the spirit of discernment of our US children is being strangled out of them. So-called educators have systematically removed all barriers for behavior, morals, history, national identity, and the last pillar of society to fall: logic. The so-called educators are mere pawns of the leftist ideologies they pass on in the classroom to unwitting or uneducated parents. This teacher is a prime example of the twisted logic driving US education today. They do not, can not, or will not see that ALL cultures are simply NOT equal no matter how hard you try to pound that square peg into a round hole.

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