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Not a good indicator for a healthy society if it’s allowed to continue.

Jussi Halla-aho on Facebook via HS:

Because the EU’s external border is leaking like a sieve, and internal borders are non-existent, Finland cannot prevent Somalis from applying for asylum here. Finland can only affect just how attractive a destination it is for asylum seekers.

As Migration Board Representative also notes, the nothing has changed in the Somalis circumstances, which would explain the growth in asylum applications. The Somali overall security situation has developed in a positive direction in recent years. Entrants are social welfare seekers who exploit the Mediterranean sea taxi services, who are attracted to Finland’s generous social welfare security and liberal family reunification policies.

A major problem is that the bigger the Somali population in Finland is grows, the more powerful magnet it will be for those who are just planning to depart. In Finland in 2013 there was a little less than 16 000 Somalia speakers. More recent figures are not available, but since 2006 the number of somalis have grown n. 1000 per year, so the current number seems to be at 17-18 000.

In terms of the Finnish population a thousand new Somalis a year doesn’t sound like much. A 1000 new demanding, subsidy dependent and culturally challenged Somalis moving to the suburbs of Vantaa, Helsinki and Turku every year, however, is quite a lot.

Government should not imagine that the problem will go away by itself. The good news is that fix doesn’t have to be very radical. The most important thing is to send a message to those migrants wanting employment that they shouldn’t bother coming here. Deporting criminals and returning  those who have been denied residence permits  should be intensified, and family reunification rules must be tightened.

Government programme will give a good framework for the necessary changes. The program is not enough, but we also need determination and political courage.

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  1. Somalis- the most educationally and mentally challenged people in the world. Even East Africans regard them with contempt. How on earth can these people be nothing other then the White man’s burden for the foreseable future.

  2. As the article points out – the bigger the enclave gets – the faster it grows. This is demonstrated in every muslim area in every Western country that has had the stuoidity to allow hordes of muslims immigrate.

    One point that should be questioned is how to stop the adverse effects of the 5th column infiltration . A recent case comes to mind – the leaking by ISIS in Syria of Pamela Geller’s NYC home address via FaceBook.

    How did they get that information? One distinct possibility is a muslim sympathiser working in a company or government department in New York – who had access to a dtabase that listed her adrress. It could be anybody – an employee of the electricity company, the local library, department store, bank, journalist’s association, water company, local council, motor vehicles department, doctor’s receptionist… etc etc.

    These days access to such sensitive data is all too easily leaked – and muslims would have the keenest motivation – to use fear to stifle further criticism of any inroads their cult is making. Any politician who speaks out could easily have this happen to them. The solution has to be multi-pronged – firstly , onerous penalties including jail time and stripping citizenship from individuals involved, heavy financial penalties to FaceBook etc plus the right of victims to sue for damages.

    Of course the best solution would be deportation of muslims.

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