Ayn Rand Finnish activists Lefty Morons


Elina Grundström is in fact a normal leftist boob.

Clearly a clueless statist moron who wouldn’t have a normal thought on liberty and freedom that the philosophers of the Enlightenment would find familiar.

This is the same idiot who stated in 2009 that:

The Islam which I felt in Southeast Asia where I used to live, is a fine religion, about as good as Christianity. It is very close to green ideology and Nordic social democracy.

NOTE: Being a statist, she would find some kind of affinity with another dictatorial ideology, now wouldn’t she? Ayn Rand would call her an idiot and have nothing to do with her other than eviscerate her ideology.

In Finland, there are things happening that are not normal, even if they are alleged to be so


Why would a long winded writer who died in 1982 have risen to be a Finnish right-wing extremist mascot?

Ayn Rand’s shaky economic policy thinking is not an issue, but the emotional roaring landscape in her books are. It is the background of the first half of the last century: the rise of totalitarianism and the rumble of large wars. The same vague manner of scary soundscape is humming in Finland right now.

Rand appeals to Finns, because she was a neighbor girl from St. Petersburg. Rand’s extreme right-wing thinking stems from the bitter experience of the revolution period when the pharmacist family lost their property and family’s gifted student daughter, her freedom of expression.

More here at Finnish leftist rag Helsingin Sanomat

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