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This jerk should be serving some hard time for promoting the jihad.

Here’s another Finnish convert to Islam hurtling allah akbars at pro-Israel marchers in Helsinki that I caught on camera a few years ago.

A Newsweek puff piece designed to promote the ”moderate Islam” meme, that supposedly the Finn-tard was only confused when he joined the IS group, and only when he began see the beheadings, and started reading the koran in a new light, did he see the error of his ways.

NOTE: Only the ignorant, the misinformed and those willing to believe in anything that provides a modicum of hope, will believe this tripe.

The bullied Finnish teenager who became an Isis social media kingpin – and then got out

Isis flag
Smoke raises behind an Islamic State flag in Diyala, IraqReuters

A year ago, at the height of Isis’s social media rampage, a shy, 19-year-old Finnish convert to Islam, who had never even been to the Middle East, was one of the terror group’s most devastating propaganda weapons.

Abdullah was prolific. His Mujaahid4Life Twitter account, with close to 11,000 followers, was the second most-followed English pro-Isis account after Shami Witness. He tweeted graphic photos and videos, snippets from religious texts, battlefield updates and violent, hateful propaganda. At the time, Abdullah told Newsweek he was “a diplomat for Isis”. He was a virtual jihadi, an advocate for violence in the name of Islam. Today, he’s just another awkward adolescent tweeting from behind a mess of food wrappers in a darkened flat in a mid-sized European city.

Abdullah has recanted his support for Isis and says he wants to help other acolytes do the same. He’s one of few people to renounce his violent extremism, and, to those combating online jihadism, he brings a rare view from inside its echo-chamber. “When I was in that Isis bubble, I was thinking so emotionally,” he says. “When you’re younger you don’t have the intellectual capabilities to process it. It was an obsession, just blind devotion.”

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