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Obama is like a long bout of diarrhea. 

From a good friend and colleague, DM: “Good interview except for Dayan’s elitist and arrogant anti-Bibi jabs. Obama is honest about his left-wing worldview. I’m starting to like Obama more now that he’s no longer pretending to be a pragmatist void of any ideology. All this ‘taking risks for peace’ nonsense is indeed bs as Obama seems to admit. Obama of course is not anti-Israel, but holds views very similar to left-wing avoda-voting Zionists. This is ironic only in the sense that Labor and its grassroots members are anti-pluralist.”

NOTE: I take a slightly different view, yes Obama is a leftist ideologue, but he’s also someone who has been inculcated with extremist anti-Israel views over a long period of time. He is no friend of the Jews, and I doubt he would shed a tear if it were no longer existing.

Israeli Reporter To Obama: If You Are Wrong On Iran, “Bomb Will Hit Tel Aviv First

H/T: DM via Real Clear Politics

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