Islamic Slavery Qatar


FIFA needs to be sanctioned over this.

Qatar not only deserves a boycott, but to be shunned like a pariah state that it is.

Revealed: The squalid conditions behind Qatar’s tainted $260 billion World Cup … where 4,000 are predicted to die before the first ball is kicked

About 50 men are forced to cook in these unclean conditions in accommodation for workers building Qatar's World Cup stadiums

About 50 men are forced to cook in these unclean conditions in accommodation for workers building Qatar’s World Cup stadiums

  • Shocking conditions workers are forced to endure exposed in new report
  • Hundreds forced to live in just 20 rooms in ‘hostels’ for Qatar workers
  • Pictures also show unsafe cooking areas and squalor inside ‘slums’  
  • Humanitarian experts says workers live in conditions similar to slavery

The horrific living conditions for workers building Qatar’s FIFA World Cup infrastructure are again being highlighted in the wake of the corruption scandal engulfing football’s governing body.

Hundreds of thousands of workers are paid as little as $50 per week, as they build the $260 billion infrastructure package – stadiums, hotels, apartments, public transport systems and roads – required to be in place before the tournament can kick-off, according to the ABC.

A new investigation highlights just how each day is a potentially deadly battle for the poverty-stricken workers toiling away on opulent playgrounds for the world’s richest and most famous.

ABC’s Foreign Correspondent captured shocking footage from inside the slum-like housing workers are forced to live during the construction process, where in some cases up to 300 men share just 20 tiny bedrooms.

Pictures show the men, who had to forfeit their passports to their employers, huddled in a small hallway inside their Doha ‘hostel’.

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  1. The Qatar bid was supported by a large bloc of delegates from Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, South America, and as I have just learned some European countries.

    That workers have died in appalling circumstances in building the infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup, should be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    All nations with a modicum of self-respect have to boycott this event.

    And does anyone seriously think that Qatar won the event fairly and squarely?

    That Blatter was re-elected following the revelations about the dodgy behavior of FIFA officials in the Americas , tells us that the whole organisation is steeped in corruption.

    The fish always stinks from the head down and Blatter, with 17 years at the helm, has done nothing.

    What an appauling mess.

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