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Because ”behaving” (weak-in-the-knees appeasement) won’t solve the threat of the death cult called Islam.


Why Won’t Pamela Geller Behave?

by Lorna Salzman (June 2015)

Thought Precedes Action. Sometimes it is just speculation or daydreaming or what precedes a work of fiction, a conversation or mere opinion. It is a fundamental characteristic of the human species. Those who would ban the expression of “hurtful,” disrespectful, controversial or dissenting views are those who believe in Thought Control. Like pornography, defamation is in the eyes of the beholder.

Why is a racist thought that vanishes within seconds considered indefensible? Why is an act of violence purportedly motivated by hate deserving of a harsher sentence? What external evidence determines that hate is the motivation behind a specific crime? Are those famous Polish jokes told around the family table hate speech deserving punishment? And, to be fair, what about the anti-Semitic comments made by blacks like Louis Farrakhan and Cynthia McKinney’s father? Why did American Jews not file a complaint about those? Or the public vilification of Israel and the Jews by American Muslims (and some Jews) on our college campuses? If hate speech were ever banned, the practitioners of these attacks would be the first to go to jail. Now they hide behind our First Amendment right but would deny Pamela Geller that same right. Nor are those Jews who tried to prevent the performance of John Adams’ opera,The Death of Klinghoffer any different from the Muslims who want to silence Geller and other critics of Islam.

Look at the word Islamophobia, invented by Muslims to distract our attention away from the bigotry, misogyny and violence of the Qur’an. It is a fear of Islam, a religion. It is not a fear of Muslims individually. Attacks on the Catholic Church for its own authoritarian doctrines and pedophilia have so far not led to persecution and threats against practicing Catholics or complaints from them about “hate speech.” Only Muslims insist on perversely identifying personally with their religion. Only Muslims cannot tolerate dissent and criticism. Only Islam mandates death for those who leave the faith. In this situation it is clear that assimilation of religious Muslims into secular societies will never happen.

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  1. Muslims, all of them, believe that Islam is the true religion. Which means the rest are false. Which is fine for all of us so long as it goes no further. But for Muslims it also means that it is incumbent on the state and the law, to show respect and legal consideration for all Islamic beliefs and customs only, as it is the truth, and truth must be protected by the state.
    Muslims are not taking advantage of us in a deceitful manner, but simply reminding us all, that as Islam is the true religion, its adherents must be granted special privilidges.

    Our courts, do not realise that by granting special priviledges to Muslims, confirm Islam as the true state religion – that is how the ordinary Muslim will see it – that Allah has guided the judge in the correct manner.

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