Ok, it’s an important part in the fights against the jihad, but so to is carpet bombing and refusing islamic migration into Europe and anti-sharia legislation, how about adding those to the arsenal as well?

France to enlist hackers to tackle jihadists

France to enlist hackers to tackle jihadists

The hackers will help stop jihadist recruiters before they’ve convinced young French nationals to join their cause. Photo: AFP

Published: 29 May 2015 17:59 GMT+02:00

It’s the digital age, and so jihadists are using the internet to rope in their newest recruits – including thousands from France.

Authorities in Paris are well aware of this and have already introduced online counter-terrorism measures after the January terror attacks in Paris that saw 17 people killed.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls took it a step further this week when he announced that France would be hiring hackers and also online “community managers” to more closely monitor the extremists.

French jihadists include 45 teenage girls
Speaking on Wednesday at the Dauphine University in Paris, Valls said the move was intended to “more effectively cross swords with jihadist recruiters,” reported the Direct Matin newspaper.

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