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Once again the utopians confronted with stark reality, but that never bothers them, really.

sweden muzzin in multicultural lala land

So the country gets further balkanized, and the civil society suffers in the process, but that will never faze the utopian, there is always yet another golden ring to grab just beyond the horizon.

Asylum seekers face ‘years’ without Swedish

Asylum seekers face ‘years’ without Swedish

An SFI class in Stockholm. Photo: TT

Sweden’s commitment to give free Swedish classes to all asylum seekers is failing, according to the Red Cross, which says that too many are being forced to wait “several years” before they can attend lessons. READ  

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  1. ‘Asylum seekers face years without Swedish’

    So what? The ‘asylum seekers’ don’t give a damn really. They just stay in their no-go zones speaking their own languages. They know all they have to do is wait a few years until arabic becomes the main language spoken there.

    1. In full agreement. My point being is to highlight the utopian mindset of these swedish buffoons.

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