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I would love to hear it followed by the words: ” jail, and then deportation”.

The return of Eye-sis: Burka-clad wife of Australian terrorist who posts pictures of his beheadings faces trial for supporting extremists… but doesn’t neglect her perfectly manicured eyelashes

Eye-sis: Wife of terrorist who posts pictures of his beheadings faces trial for supporting

The wife of one Australia’s most notorious terrorists will fight charges alleging she planned to join her Islamic State militant husband in Syria. Wearing elaborate eye make-up (pictured) underneath her Islamic garb and rugged up in a thick woollen scarf, Fatima Elomar, 30, faced Downing Centre District Court on Friday morning and learned she would face an estimated two week trial in November.

The mother-of-four was arrested at Sydney Airport on May 3, 2014, as she attempted to board an international flight with her children. Prosecutors allege she was attempting to join her husband Mohamed, who was infamously photographed dangling the decapitated heads of his enemies in the city of Raqqa last year. Mrs Elomar is charged with supporting incursions into a foreign state with the intention of engaging in hostile activities.

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  1. People like this who live in great , free countries like Australia – yet are obviously not happy living there and actively work against those countries interests and values simply have no business living in them and should immediately be deported. They are of no use here. Better still , being sent with their children to the Islamic State. No better way for her to realise what she has given up.

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