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The next time ‘free speech’ comes up in discussion, mention this outrageous incident.

So the U.S. president can make outrageous statements (lies) about Islamic contributions to the US (from its very beginnings), and if the Lacrosse coach published them then that would have been ok, but publish something (that he didn’t even endorse, just wanted to spark debate) and he has his skin handed to him.

This is where the culture (and cottage industry) of ‘victimization’ has led the good people of the United States, right into the swamp of political correctness, where the victimization industry thrives, intimidates, and sucks the liberty of freedom of speech right out of the spine of the country.

Facebook post on Muslims costs Fryeburg coach his job

By Daymond Steer Published Date: Tuesday, 24 March 2015 06:41

FRYEBURG – After four years at the helm ofFryeburg Academy‘s boys lacrosse team, Scott Lees of Conway said he was forced by academy officials to resign as head coach after sharing on Facebook an open letter to President Barack Obama that was unflattering to Muslims.

The letter, written by “An American Citizen,” was about Obama’s speech given in Cairo in 2009. In that speech and in another made last month, the president said Islam has long been a part of American history.

In the first part of the letter, it wonders whether anyone has have ever seen a Muslim hospital or heard a Muslim orchestra. The writer goes on to charge that Muslims “are still the largest traffickers in human slavery,” that they were allied with Adolf Hitler in World War II and that they were either pleased with or silent on the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. The writer adds that the Barbary pirates were Muslims.

“I just thought it was an interesting article,” said Lees, who added he’s a politically minded independent conservative. “I thought it was an interesting letter to President Obama and his current administration who are not paying attention to Israel and focusing on Iran.”

Lees, 48, shared the letter on his personal Facebook page on March 17. Two days later, he was handing in his resignation as Fryeburg Academy‘s lacrosse coach. He said that although he was supposed to meet with Head of Schools Erin Mayo and Dean Charlie Tryder on March 19, Athletic Director Sue Thurston told him a decision to fire him had already been made.

According to Lees, a property manager who is married and has two children, said he did not want a firing to go on his record. He asked Thurston if they would consider a letter of resignation.

“I’ve never been fired in my life,” said Lees, who also coaches hockey locally. “I’ve been coaching kids since 1992.”

Mayo said the season will start on time. She said Thurston is looking for coaches and Thurston will provide updates as they become available.

“We’ve got a great team,” said Mayo.

The decision on an interim coach could be made as soon as today, Thurston said.

Regarding the letter that led to his departure as coach, Lees said a friend had emailed it to him, and he posted it to see what people would say. Lees — who has since removed it from his Facebook page — said he did not comment on the letter online and that he meant no disrespect to anyone.

Lees said the post didn’t get much response. No students “liked” the post though it was liked by four adults, one of whom commented on it. “It’s not like it went viral,” said Lees. “It’s not like everyone and their brother saw it.”

More here. H/T: Vlad

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  1. Is it possible to get a copy of the letter the Coach put on his Face Book page? The snippet you did publish sounded very good and I want to,put this letter on my Facebook Page as well as send it to the President.

  2. The accusation of thought crime constitutes conclusive proof.

  3. Is there no one in congress that will support free speech any more? Is the Bill of
    Rights already defunct? No wonder sultan Barak is allying and helping arm iran and the caliphate crusading beheaders!

  4. If he worked in Australia he could sue for unfair dismissal.

  5. Who’s got time for a symphony or doctoring when there’s women to be kidnapped, raped and stoned-and c’mon, the suicide vests and all really cut into a guy’s composing time.

  6. Incredible. So much for the first amendment. People used to be free to think and speak without being targeted for punishment by those who disagreed. Now, we have the unregulated speech police making sure that even the insinuation of political incorrectness leads to dismissal from your job. Another fine example of the tolerance of the left. What hypocrites.

  7. PC poison should be banned in a civilised society!

  8. In other news, the Dean has gone one step further and has asked that students and parents refrain from referring to the term ” lacrosse” and has ordered that the official team name be changed to Fryeburg Madrassa LaCrescent Team. Insh’allah!!

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