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This is proof that we’re right.

egyptian tards

That any such charges of ‘islamofauxbia’ by Muslims and their leaders in reaction to our rejection of their intended encroachment of our rights, is proof that we are right.

Worth reading as well (courtesy of Andy Bostom):

[We should introduce the kind of Islam that is present in people’s lives as opposed to secular Islam. Secular Islam is similar to secular Christianity which imprisons itself in a corner of church and which has no presence in real life. Secular Islam acts in the same way. Today, there are some people who invite people to isolated Islam, one that has nothing do with people’s lives. This kind of Islam calls on people to perform some religious acts in a corner of mosques or houses. We should introduce the kind of Islam that is present in people’s lives. We should introduce the Islam of mercy to the weak and the Islam of jihad and fighting against arrogant powers.]

Iran’s ayatollah wants the complete implementation of Islam in the West

By the end of the month all estimations indicate there will be some “deal” made with the world’s number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism — Iran. Of course, the best way to get around that pesky little point is to just remove Iran from the terrorist list, along with its proxy army, Hezbollah.

Here we have an Islamic totalitarian regime that imprisons Christians, hangs homosexuals, and makes overt pronouncements against our best ally, Israel. As well, Iran holds four Americans prisoner and the first thing before beginning any talks should have been their immediate release. Now, as with Cuba, we are going to beg from a position of weakness, and give away everything to the mad mullahs and crazy clerics just so President Obama can say he did something — albeit the wrong something.

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