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What goes around, comes around.

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Loving the irony of a Leftist Swedish government (whose first step in opening the new government was an international move, to recognize a Paleostinian state) as being boycotted by an M.E. state, just saying. But think, if the concept that the Arabs needs us far more than we need them, then threats of boycotts from that region of the world wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow.

Swedish firms fear losing business in Arab world

Swedish firms fear losing business in Arab world

Stockholm Stock Exchange. Photo: TT

Published: 18 Mar 2015 07:51 GMT+01:00

Sweden’s Ministry of Industry has confirmed that a meeting is scheduled to take place “in the near future” after Swedish newspaper Expressen first broke the news on Monday night.

“Mikael Damberg has invited industry representatives to a meeting on the grounds that Sweden has chosen not to renew a military cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia,” his press secretary Ann Wolgers told the TT news agency, adding that Sweden’s Foreign Minister Margot Wallström would also attend.

Sweden’s decided to limit military ties with Saudi Arabia days after accusing the oil rich country of blocking Wallström from speaking at an Arab League meeting.

Her cancelled remarks, published by the Swedish foreign ministry, did not mention Saudi Arabia but stressed women’s and human rights.

However the Arab country has reacted strongly to the Nordic nation’s shifting approach, recalling its ambassador to Sweden and accusing Sweden of “flagrant interference in internal affairs”.

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