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 Be scared, be very scared…..

This exchange (directly below) was one of the worst lines in the interview:

Where does that impulse to suddenly slaughter a group of rabbis with a meat cleaver come from?

Herzog: There’s no justification of it, none whatsoever. It’s against any moral, legal, or human values, period. And it’s shocking. Nonetheless, when you look at the whole picture, we have to analyze it, and in order to neutralize these elements, we have to bring hope. And we cannot give up on that.

It’s not against Islam morals, law and not shocking, at least to the tens of thousands (if not tens of millions) of cheering Arabs upon hearing the news of the gruesome murders.

Bibi’s Opponent: ‘I Trust the Obama Administration to Get a Good Deal’

Isaac Herzog, who could end up as prime minister of Israel, has a very different understanding of his country’s relationship with the U.S. than the man he’s hoping to replace.

Isaac Herzog interviewed by Jeffrey Goldberg at the Brookings Saban Forum (Peter Halmagyi)

Of the many differences between Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and the man who may unseat him, Isaac “Buji” Herzog (I’ll post separately on the ridiculousness of Israeli nicknames), none strikes me as more immediately consequential than the contrasting ways in which they view President Barack Obama.

Yes, Netanyahu and Herzog differ stylistically and dispositionally, and yes, their views on a range of economic, security, and social issues are miles apart, but it is their diverging approaches to management of the American file that is most dramatic.


Goldberg: Do you trust the Obama administration to get a good deal?

Herzog: I trust the Obama administration to get a good deal. We hope they’ll get the best deal possible. That means a lot of elements, most importantly, the fact that we have to agree on a set break-out time that will give ample warning to everybody. If the Iranians want to break the agreement and move towards the bomb, I think the professionals have to work on it and we have to give it a chance.

Nonetheless, we shouldn’t be naïve. We still live in a very dangerous and complicated world and region. The policies of the Iranian regime are clear to us. We’ve been discussing them here for years. And we shouldn’t be naïve to believe that if there’s a deal, all is well. There should be very strict supervision, very strict monitoring, and deciphering of whatever’s going on in relation to that program.

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  1. Jews are supposed to be a very intelligent people. And yet, when it comes to the Islamic esistential threat, a large number of them are blind, ignorant, and suicidally stupid.

    Conceded that it is mainly leftist Israelis who are suicidally stupid, but even so, there is a limit to stupidity.

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