The deep stack of those murdered by the Soviet regime beg to differ.

It’s hard to imagine (and correctly so) a similar themed, Naziprom, ever being allowed to proceed, but a ”Commuprom”, which flirts with an ideology that murdered far more people than the Nazis ever did, well, that’s somehow different. I get the fact that Jewish Holocaust is different from that of other genocides, in that a distinct people was targeted, and systematically set aside for extermination, simply for the fact that they were Jews, that distinction should never, ever be downplayed nor glossed over.

This is a situation however, in which a group of students, are somehow unfazed, or ignorant of, the immense horror and misery afflicted upon a huge array of different peoples during the Soviet reign of terror. Through artificial, state instituted famines, purges and and other atrocities, which wiped out tens of millions of people. The principle of the school should be severely reprimanded and the students forced to sit through a viewing of the Soviet Story. Shame on the lot of them.

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NOTE: I took a screen capture of the headline at a CBS affiliate because of the ironic timing for an advert of Obama on a radio program. Personally, I would like to know who exactly was the highschool teacher of that world history class that these students were so fond of.



High School Students ‘Really Intense With Politics’ Vote for Communism-Themed Prom

The event was originally to be held at a local aquarium with an “Under the Sea” theme. But seniors at the school decided that wasn’t unique enough for them. So they voted to replicate an oppressive form of government.

“We have a lot of jokesters in our grade, so they wanted it to be funny and a lot of them are really intense with politics,” one senior named Sarah Zachary told KRQE-TV.

Some other students, however, aren’t laughing.

“I honestly don’t think it’s that funny,” Cole Page, a sophomore, said.

Another student who requested to remain anonymous, agreed with Page, “I would hope Cottonwood would realize the seriousness of having a very powerful and destructive idea as the theme for a prom.”

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