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This is going to be an ongoing issue for the brave man.

Fortunately for me, I was able to interview Lars Vilks in 2008, where he admitted to me in an exclusive interview, that the first blood ever drawn as a result of outrage over his depictions of Mohamed as a dog, happened the day earlier, after Vilks’ “Dogs Musical”, in the “A Day For Free Speech” event. This was the first admission by Vilks to any blogger (or to any media, that I know of) in the English speaking world.

Lars Vilks: When you crash into some sort of institutional critique and you’re really serious about it, then you, I mean, either you do something which is totally stupid and impossible, or otherwise you really hit the nail and then you have to wait to see what happens. That’s one thing, the other thing of course is what goes on in the world. The world is also fascinated by this, I mean really, it’s mostly with the Arabs with things going on. And that went alright. It was the first bloodshed we had yesterday?

Tundra Tabloids: Oh yeah…

Lars Vilks: It was the first bloodshed?

Tundra Tabloids: Yes it was.

Lars Vilks’ first talk since Copenhagen cancelled

Lars Vilks' first talk since Copenhagen cancelled

Controversial Swedish artist Lars Vilks. Photo: Bertil Ericson/SCANPIX

Published: 04 Mar 2015 16:00 GMT+01:00

Lars Vilks was due to speak at a panel discussion on free speech in Gothenburg on Thursday. The event was initially postponed by a day following concerns about the security of teachers taking part in a union conference in the same building and later cancelled altogether.

“I really hope that we will be able to take part in it but there seems to be a lot of administrative and security trouble around it, so we are still not sure,” the artist told The Local on Wednesday morning.
“What we are hoping it will be is a conference and a debate about freedom of speech and how the discussions around this have changed in these past two months in Europe where these questions are being so heavily discussed. We want to know what people have been saying and what are the arguments.”

But Friday’s talk ended up being cancelled late on Wednesday afternoon after it emerged it would clash with a lecture being hosted by an art school, which rents rooms in the same venue.

“It’s very unfortunate. But we felt it would not work. Our tenants should not be hit with problems caused by this booking,” the CEO of the Folkets hus (The People’s House) venue, Lina Lindquist, said about the Vilks talk.

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