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The nerve.

Here’s a high profile Muslim who served only 16 days of a paltry 12 week sentence for vehicular manslaughter (texting while driving), and demands halal be served at parliament restaurants, and not arrested for offering a $100 000 reward for the assassination of GWBush (only temporarily suspended from the House of Lords), boasting that he would ”come up with the “$10,000.00 by selling his house and begging on the street if he had to”.”

lord ahmed jihad for food

Lord Nazir Ahmed stressed that Muslims were not asking for special treatment in elections.

One British Community

“Muslims are not saying that we want special treatment, all we’re asking for is equal treatment. We want to be part of British society… To live peacefully, without being demonized on a daily basis,” he said.

“I am also a strong advocate to say, don’t vote for somebody because he happens to be a Muslim… It is better to have a candidate who supports your cause, whether it is to make sure you are a part of society… There are so many issues that need to be asked,” he added.


NOTE: Only in this day and age could such a lying weasel be given such a high profile platform to spew his bile, and get away with it time and again. No special treatment my eye.

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