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Rise up against the Hamas and the plethora of other islamoNazis groups that litter your society, and then perhaps you’ll be able to live like a normal human beings, and freely come and go from the enclave.

Gazans feel trapped, six months after Israel-Hamas war

Half a year has passed since the end of the war in the Gaza Strip. With reconstruction moving slowly and borders mostly closed, hopelessness is spreading among those living in the ruins. Tania Krämer reports from Gaza.

An adult and child stand with their backs towards the camera, facing a pile of rubble in Gaza (Photo: Tania Krämer, DW)

His suitcases are packed and ready to be collected. Mohammed Sulaiman has only one thought these days: how to get out of Gaza. The 25-year old has received a scholarship to pursue a doctorate at an Australian university.

“I feel trapped. I have tried everything, through connections, through all means to get out of Gaza,” he says, seated in a coffee shop in Gaza City. “Last time the Rafah border crossing opened for three days, I went there with my pregnant wife, and we tried to get on one of the buses. But I can’t even register.”

Sulaiman is one of many who feel trapped in Gaza. For years now, Gazans have been unable to decide for themselves whether they can leave the small coastal enclave, even if just for travel. But since the 52-day war between Hamas and Israel last summer, the sense of being stuck in Gaza has become even stronger, Sulaiman explains.

In 2012 he was able to spend a year studying English in London and returned to Gaza afterwards. “I used to think I can make change here, but I lost hope. I don’t think I’ll ever come back if I were able to leave again. There is simply no future in this place,” he says.

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