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Domineering Pakistani immigrant husband tried to murder his wife by stabbing her 15 times because she wanted to take English lessons

  • Nazakat Ali stabbed his wife Shahzana Kausar 15 times during argument
  • 30-year-old lashed out after becoming angry she wanted to learn English
  • Ms Kausar suffered severed artery and wounds to her liver, colon and neck
  • ‘Dangerous man’ Ali admitted attempted murder and was jailed for 14 years
Nazakat Ali, 30 (above), has been jailed for 14 years for attempted murder after stabbing his 27-year-old wife Shahzana Kausar 15 times during an argument

A domineering husband tried to murder his wife by stabbing her 15 times after she said she wanted to take up English lessons.

Nazakat Ali, 30, stabbed his 27-year old partner Shahzana Kausar during a row at their home in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, after she made it clear she wanted to enrol at college to study English.

Manchester Crown Court heard how he grabbed a knife and, in front of his own mother, stabbed his wife more than a dozen times as he refused to accept that she wanted to gain a ‘degree of independence’.

Following the attack on September 29 last year, Ali fled the scene and Ms Kausar was left lying in a pool of the blood on the floor.

She was later flown to hospital where doctors carried out two emergency operations to heal stab wounds to her neck, collarbone, abdomen, ribs and a severed artery which caused her to lose one third of her body’s blood.

Ali has now pleaded guilty to attempted murder and has been jailed for 14 years by the judge who called him a ‘dangerous man’.

The court heard how the incident unfolded after Ms Kausar returned home from the Jobcentre and told her husband that she had been advised to enrol at college to improve her English.

He told his mother, who was living with the couple at the property, that he was not going to allow his wife to join the course, and an argument ensued.

The couple had known each other for 16 years and married in Pakistan in 2005 before moving to the UK together in 2008.

Mark Kellet, prosecuting, said: ‘When the defendant and Shahzana were upstairs in their bedroom, he became angry and started shouting and slapped her across the head. She asked for her mobile phone so she could contact her sister or the police, but he refused to return it.

‘She left the house to walk to her sister’s address but was followed by the defendant. She asked for help from a bystander but the defendant apologised and they returned home. Once they had returned home they sat in the kitchen with the defendant’s mother.

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