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Closest thing (but not quite) to actually hugging a terrorist, is the guy on the left,


is none other than Pali agitprop specialist, Sadek Elwan, spokesman for the Paleostinian Diaspora Society in Helsinki. For those of you who do not understand Finnish, the signs for each are (ambiguously) gender restrictive:

hugs for tards in Helsinki

Finnish Man! I trust you! [I’m a Muslim who the world has labelled a terrorist, if you trust me, then hug me] Finnish Woman! I trust you!

(YLE Kiosk): ”Muslims Maryan Sadek wanted to fight prejudice and racism, and contribute to show confidence in Finns. The social experiment that has become a world is hit, and inspired by Kiosk, they blindfolded themselves in the center of Helsinki station tunnel and asked for hugs.”

What would really be entertaining, was for a bunch of Finnish guys with beer breath lining up for a hug with the woman with cameras rolling. That’s the one I want to see. Also, note the strawman argument that the world is calling every Muslim a terrorist. No, just those who shout chapter and verse from the koran before they commit some unspeakable horror. Like I said, it’s all agitprop.

NOTE : What would happen if a couple of supporters of Israel, or Israelis themselves stood there with signs saying ”hug the Zionists”?

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  1. Insidious. Evoking emotion for the ‘por oppressed muslims’ – when 2,000 kms away muslims slaughter Christians, Yazidis, gays, other muslims. Goebbels would be proud of this deception.

    “No, just those who shout chapter and verse from the koran before they commit some unspeakable horror.”

    I’d take it a tep further and at least include all those who promote the teachings of the koran and anti-semitism, anti -democracy and pro-islamic supremacy.

    p.s. what’s the beat the bearded Finnish man in the photo was a tard?

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