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Mossad attempted to dry Nile up, says latest in series of alleged secret cables

The Nile in Sudan (Photo: AFP)

The Nile in Sudan (Photo: AFP)

Another batch of leaks by al-Jazeera and the Guardian cites report that Israel tried to cause drought in Egypt, following previous claims about Mossad machinations.
Published: 02.26.15, 09:58 / Israel News

Al-Jazeera and the Guardian continued releasing purported spy cables on Wednesday, which again raised startling claims about Israeli intelligence. The latest revelations included further allegations against Mossad by South Africa’s spy agency, the State Security Agency (SSA).

According to the Guardian, a 56-page report on Mossad drafted by the SSA asserted that Israel has for decades worked to artificially create a drought in Egypt.

“Towards this end Israel’s Ministry of Science and Technology conducted extensive experiments, and eventually created a type of plant that flourishes on the surface or the banks of the Nile and that absorbs such large quantities of water as to significantly reduce the volume of water that reaches Egypt,” the Guardian quoted. The newspaper noted that the allegation could be false, but that if true, “then Mossad is guilty of reprehensible tactics”.

Wednesday’s disclosures also included a Russian document alleging that al-Qaeda had set up a facility to produce biological weapons in Algeria, but later abandoned it.

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